How to set up email in Outlook mobile app

1. When you open Outlook, click Add Account

Enter the name of your mailbox and give Continue (our mailbox is podpora@blueboard.cz – but you enter yours here)

2. Choose IMAP or POP3, whichever is more convenient for you.

The difference in protocols is described here: POP3 or IMAP?

3. Fill in the password for your mailbox and click on Advanced settings
4. Edit predefined data

instead of the mailbox podpora@blueboard.cz, fill in your mailbox name + password.

Enter the server (host) name: mail.blueboard.cz

For incoming IMAP mail, set the port to 143 or the secure port to 993 But if you initially selected POP3 for incoming mail, set the port to 110 or 995

For SMTP (outgoing mail) you set the port to 465

5. click the „pipe“ in the top corner and you're done.

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