How to transfer MySQL database

1. Export database from existing hosting

First, you need to log in to PHPMyAdmin or Adminer using your MySQL login credentials to the database on your current hosting, where you will find the option to export the selected database.

2. FTP

Login to your FTP account on our hosting and create a _sql folder next to your domain folders. Then upload the exported file to the _sql folder.

You can find the FTP login in Administration, where you can click on My Domains and select your domain. On the left menu you will find FTP accounts. Click on it and you will find a link to the WebFTP client on the page.

3. Creating a new database

In Administration, select your domain and then open MySQL Database in the left menu to create a new database.

4. Import database in the administration

For the newly created database, select import and select the desired database.

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