Domain Redirection

Redirect domain means that when the browser enters the address of one domain, it jumps to another domain (the address in the address bar changes).

At Blueboard.cz, you have two options to redirect a domain:

1. Redirecting a domain on multihosting

  • Redirects even requests with HTTPS.
  • Emails can still be active on the domain.
  • Takes up one space for your domain on a multihost (you can put up to 10 domains on a multihost).
  • Can't be set up easily from the Administration, you have to FTP a .htaccess file with certain content.
How to set up domain redirection on hosting:

Upload a single file named .htaccess to the domain directory on FTP, which will contain the following:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://kampresmerovat.cz/ [R=301]

Of course, instead of the kampresmerovat.cz domain, fill in your domain where you want to redirect the traffic. You can also enter a version with HTTPS, but then don't forget to have an SSL certificate activated on the domain (can be activated in Administration).

2. Redirecting a parked domain

  • Takes up no space for your domain on the multihost (you can have up to 10 domains on a multihost) – you can have unlimited parked domains.
  • Redirection can be set up easily from the Administration.
  • Does not redirect requests with HTTPS.
  • You cannot have emails on the domain with us.
How to set up redirection of a parked domain

Make sure the domain is not on hosting, but is marked as parked.

If it is on hosting, you can park it, but you will lose any website and emails on that domain. You can park it in Administration by clicking Remove domain from hosting and park.

If the domain is parked:

  1. In the My Domains category, click the desired domain.
  2. In the left menu, click on Redirect Domain.
  3. Fill in the form with the URL you want to redirect the domain to. The URL must not contain HTTPS, see above.

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