WordPress templates

As with plugins, WordPress can also be enhanced with templates. WordPress templates no longer focus on extending the features of the system, but on modifying its appearance. Every WordPress has a standard template loaded into it, usually named after the current year. With the help of templates, you can change the appearance very easily for an existing blog format, as well as make a very simple blog for example a corporate website or an eshop.

Thus, the template can also completely change the structure of the site itself. It's not just about the colors, but also about the number of columns, different menus and elements in the sidebars. There are tens of thousands of templates available for WordPress, most of them free. In addition to the free templates, you can also find thousands of paid templates online that may look more professional or offer advanced features.

Like plugins, templates can be searched, downloaded and installed directly within the WordPress administration. Similarly, they can be searched, purchased and downloaded from specialist sites that offer paid templates. Many templates can also be found on the official site of WordPress.

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