Partner programme

What is it?

Earn commission on webhosting sales. Thanks to our Affiliate Program it is very easy.

Be 40% one time or 10% recurring

You can choose from two Affiliate codes. One will credit you with a one-time commission of 40% of the web hosting sold.

The other code will credit you 10% right away, but also each time the hosting is paid again. This way you can ensure a regular income.

How does it work?
Through a link on your website
  1. You place a link with the affiliate code on your site.
  2. When someone visits our webhost through this link, a special cookie is stored.
  3. If, within 3 months, that person orders and pays for web hosting from us, we will add your money.
By entering the code directly into the order
  1. You order web hosting and enter your Affiliate Code.
  2. When the hosting is paid for, we will add your money.

You can then use the accumulated money to pay our calls for payment or have it paid out.

How do I get started?
  1. Use an existing admin account or create a new account here.
  2. Log in to Administration.
  3. Copy the points or money code in the Affiliate Program section. Depending on whether you want to earn points or cash commissions. You can use both codes at the same time.
  4. You can place the code on your site in the form of a generated link or you can manually enter the code directly in the web hosting order form.

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