What is E-mail?

Email is a service for sending text messages with the option of attachments. You usually get email with every hosting, it's taken for granted.

You can then create email boxes on your domain. Our hosting offers unlimited of them with every hosting.

Emails are exchanged between computers on the internet using the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) protocol. Nowadays, email clients are primarily used for sending and receiving, or directly the web interface of a given email service.

In the case where the user has a mail client installed on their computer, they download emails from the mail server using POP or IMAP protocols.

One of the best known mail clients is Mozilla Thunderbird. Most operating systems nowadays include their own mail clients, including mobile phones and tablets. Other well-known clients include Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Opera Mail, and Mail for Apple computers.

Each email consists of two main parts: the header and the body.

The header should contain at least the following four fields:

  • From (From) – the address of the person from whom the email originated
  • To (To) – the address of the person to whom the email was delivered
  • Subject (Subject) – an optional field with a brief description of the email
  • Date (Date) – the date and time the message was sent

The header can then contain additional fields:

  • Copy (Copy) – recipients to whom a copy of the email was sent
  • Blind Copy (Blind Copy) – invisible copy for recipients who are not visible in „To“ and „Copy“.

Any attachments (usually photos or documents) can be attached to emails, but the allowed size of these attachments is usually limited to a few (tens) of MB.

The email address format is „jméno@domena.cz“ (without quotes), for example hosting@blueboard.cz.

Occasionally, junk mail, in other words spam, may enter your email inbox. It tries to look like legitimate e-mail from a real recipient, but usually contains fraudulent information, trying to extort personal data.

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