How to download e-mails from your Blueboard.cz mailbox to your Seznam.cz e-mail box

If you have a Seznam mailbox and want to download emails from your Blueboard.cz mailbox, you can set it up using the „POP3“ protocol:http://hosting.blueboard.cz/napoveda/pop3. This will periodically download emails to your Seznam mailbox and delete them from your Blueboard.cz mailbox.

How to set this up?
  1. Create a mailbox with us. You can do it in Administration → My domains → choose domain → Emails
  2. In your Seznam.cz mailbox, click on your profile and then click on Settings.
  3. In this section, click on Add another account.
  4. Click Select a provider
  5. Enter the name of the mailbox to be added (the one you created on Blueboard.cz) and fill in the following:
    • POP server: mail.blueboard.cz
    • Port: 110

    Next, check the options:

    • keep a copy of the message in the original mailbox
    • account is active

That's all. New messages sent to your Blueboard.cz inbox should now appear in your Seznam inbox.

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