Setting up and using emails on Blueboard.cz

If you have another email client, the following always applies:
Incoming mail:

POP3: mail.blueboard.cz, port: default ( 110 / 995 SSL)
IMAP: mail.blueboard.cz, port: default ( 143 / 993 SSL )

Incoming mail:

SMTP: mail.blueboard.cz, change port to 587 from default 25 Server for outgoing mail requires authorization, same data as for incoming mail. In case of a secure connection, use STARTTLS encryption

How do I log in to my mailbox via Webmail?

The webmail interface can be found at webmail.blueboard.cz.

Use the following information to log in to the web interface:

  • User: the name of your email account, for example info@vasedomena.xx
  • Password: the password you have set for your mailbox in Email Management/Administration
How do I create an email account?

You can create a new mailbox in Administration, or in Email Management. Email Management, or Mailadmin, is a special application in which you can set up emails for each of your domains separately. It is ideal for your customers who can set this up for their domain themselves. You can find the link to Email Management in your Administration under Emails.

When you create a mailbox, either in Email Management or in Administration, you must also choose a password for that mailbox.

How do I get into the Email Management?

You can find the Email Management at https://mailadmin.blueboard.cz.

We have sent you the login details for the Email Management in the Activation Email.

How do I set up my email client?

We have prepared handy visual tutorials for all the email clients you use:

There are also tutorials on how to set up email for mobile devices

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