Importing emails

Our hosting has a tool for importing email messages.

You can import either from an email inbox at another provider or between two inboxes on our hosting.

The system is independent of the domain transfer, so you can import emails before or after the domain transfer.

You must have hosting with us to import emails. Once we activate it for you, you can set up an email account in the Administration. So set up the mailbox you want to import emails to (usually the same name as your original provider). We also recommend that you increase the size of the mailbox according to the source mailbox from which the messages will be copied.

Then click the Import Emails button, which you will find below the list of mailboxes. A form will appear where you need to enter the details for the source and destination mailboxes, as well as the IMAP server from which they will be copied. Once the details are entered, we will start the import and notify you with a message to the destination mailbox when it is complete.

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