Restrictions on sending bulk emails

Hosting in general – although it allows you to send emails – is not designed for sending emails in bulk. If you need to send, for example, a newsletter of several hundred emails a day or more, we recommend doing so through an external service designed for this purpose, for example MailChimp. This is not because we don't want to allow our clients to send out emails in bulk. In this day and age, when everyone is fighting spam, sending out emails in bulk would result in our servers being blacklisted. This can cause the next emails our clients want to send to often not reach their destination at all and bounce back. This restriction is therefore designed to protect our clients and therefore you.


Besides knowingly sending out a newsletter, another cause is viruses. These take up residence on your computer, steal your email login credentials (most often from Outlook) and send these credentials out into the world to spammers. The spammers then use this data to send spam through our email server.

What are the specific restrictions?

There are two ways to send email through our hosting:

Via SMTP: Using SMTP you can only send via the email client on your computer. You cannot use SMTP from PHP. With SMTP, we monitor the number of emails sent per day and if it exceeds a few hundred, we will disable it and notify you by email. After midnight it can be turned back on.

Using the mail() function in PHP: Here we have strict rules, namely 75 emails in 30 minutes and max. 10 recipients in one message. If you reach this limit, the mail() function will return FALSE, so you will know immediately that the limit has been reached and you can send another batch of emails later.

Using Webmail: The maximum number of recipients in a copy is limited to 50 for normal email sending and 30 recipients for forwarding.

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