MySQL limitations

The MySQL database is one of the most demanding on server performance. It is enough to have a slightly larger table with no indexes and even with a small amount of traffic on the site, the server will experience a heavy load. The most common cause is missing indexes on table columns.

An index is a special thing that can be enabled on every column in a MySQL table. If it is turned on on a column that is, for example, being searched or sorted by (i.e. it occurs in SQL queries in the WHERE column or ORDER BY column section), it will make the queries very fast and reduce the load on the server. The whole issue is of course more complex, we recommend reading more about it:

The column index can be enabled in MySQL Admin, whose link can be found in the Administration section of MySQL Databases.

How to restrict MySQL

The restriction is set so that it does not limit you in any way during normal operation and is only activated if the server is compromised by the load.

We measure the amount of time that your database connection uses the server's processor. The allowed limit is 180 seconds per 15 minutes (normally this value is around 1.5 seconds for a normal site). If the limit is exceeded, the database is temporarily disconnected. However, the maximum time is always 15 minutes. We will inform you by e-mail if the limit is exceeded.

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