WordPress is probably the best known and most widely used open source tool for creating websites and blogs. WordPress is also one of the oldest content management systems, having been launched in May 2003. In its more than a decade of history, it is a mature and mature system with a wide range of features.

WordPress began its journey as a pure blogging tool, only to grow over the years into a comprehensive web content management system. So no matter what you want to use it for, you'd probably be hard pressed to find an application that WordPress can't handle. In addition to blogging, you can easily use it for small and large corporate websites, personal sites, portfolios, photo galleries, or even eshops.

As such, there is no charge for using WordPress. It is open source software that can be used for commercial purposes for free. It is available for free at wordpress.org, or of course also within our hosting in the Administration. To run WordPress, you just need hosting that meets the requirements (PHP and MySQL) and a domain.

Thanks to its open source nature, WordPress is not run by a corporation, for example, but by a community of professionals and technology enthusiasts – hundreds of people from all over the world are involved to a greater or lesser extent in the development and maintenance of the system. The community also makes WordPress extremely scalable and customizable. Users have tens of thousands of templates and extensions at their disposal, the vast majority of which are available for free.

In addition to the traditional wordpress.org, there is also a web-based version of the system at wordpress.com, where you can create a website in no time and don't need hosting. It is a slightly different WordPress with fewer options and significantly less flexibility.

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