How do I transfer a domain to Blueboard.cz?

You can transfer the domain to us by ordering it through our order form.

If you already have an account with us and want to have this domain under your account, please log in to the Administration before ordering.

The order itself will detect that the domain already exists and offer you to transfer it to us. This is then automatic and we will send you instructions via email on exactly what to do.

For the transfer you need to have access to the domain holder's email. This often cannot be found out as it is not public. However, sometimes it can be viewed in the central domain registry. For .cz domains this is http://nic.cz

Do you have access to the original domain holder's email?

If you no longer have access to the email, you need to ask the current domain registrar to update the holder (even if you only want to update the email). This will be done with you by the registrar on the basis of a signed document with a verified signature. Once the email has been changed, you can reapply for a transfer to us.

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