Do I need an alias or a domain redirect?

Alias and redirection can be set on Blueboard, but each behaves a little differently. Which of these do you need?


Alias works so that if you set domainB.cz as an alias to domainA.cz, both domains will display the content you uploaded to domainA.cz.

This is used for when you have a „smart“ application on a domain that can recognize what domain it is on and serve different content accordingly. This is useful for example for multilingual websites, so for example for the domain domena.cz you set the alias domena.sk and the application displays different languages according to the domain.

However, if the app or site generates the same content on both domains, you run the risk of being penalised by Google for duplicate content.

How to set up a domain as an alias

If you want to set up a domain as an alias to a domain on Blueboard.cz, all aliased domains must be on the same hosting as multidomains (if you only have one parked, you can assign it to the hosting in Administration). Then, in Administration, click on the domain you want to set as an alias and click Set as alias in the left menu. You will see a form where you can select which domain to set the alias to. That's it.

Domain Redirection

The way domain redirection works is that if you have domainB.cz redirected to domainA.cz, when you type domainB.cz into your browser it will jump to domainA.cz, including the address in the browser address bar.

This is used if you have any other versions for your main domain, such as a hyphenated version or a shortened version. For example, you have a main domain mojekava.cz and you redirect the moje-kava.cz version to it.

How to redirect a domain

Redirection on Blueboard.cz hosting is best set up if the domain is only parked. Then just go to Administration, click on your domain and then on Redirect. There you will enter the URL to redirect the domain to.

We also have instructions on how to redirect a domain if it has regular hosting active on it.

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