How to set up email in Live Mail

1. Adding a new email account

In Live Mail, click Add New Email Account.

2. Email and password

In the E-mail address field, enter your e-mail address, for example info@vasedomena.koncovka

In the Password box, type your password for this email box and you can check the Remember password option if you don't want to re-enter it each time.

In Display name in sent messages, type the name you want to appear in sent emails.

And check the Manually configure server settings option.

Click the Next button.

4. Configuring server settings

Here, fill in the fields as follows:

Incoming Server Information

Server Type: IMAP Server address: mail.blueboard.cz

Port: 993

Verify with: Simple Authentication

Login username: enter your email address here, for example info@vasedomena.koncovka

Outgoing Server Information

  • Server address: mail.blueboard.cz
  • Port: 587

Check also both options:

  • Requires secure connection (SSL)
  • Requires authentication

Port numbers for other settings can be found here

Once you have set all the details, click Next.

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